Harvest Gallery
462 Main Street
Wolfville NS B4P 1E2
Phone: (902) 542-7093
Fax: (902) 542-7186
email: harvestgallery@gmail.com

Artists We Represent
Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith
Bonnie Baker
Poppy Balser
Alan Bateman
Arnaud Beghin
Marla Benton
Teresa Bergen
Jana Bookholt
Wayne Boucher
Terry Lee Bourgeois-King
Berkeley Brown
Ernest Cadegan
Holly Carr
Alex Colville
Denise Comeau
Merrill Cox
Colin Craig
Jane Creelman
Robert Danielis
Cecil Day
Del DesRoches
Terry Drahos
David Eeles
Leya Evelyn
David Gillespie
Ian Gilson
Doretta Groenendyk
Bob Hainstock
Brad Hall
Ron Hayes
Naomi Beth Hill
Laura Kenney
Drew Klassen
Peter Lawrence
Kristiina Lehtonen
Maud Lewis
Mary Jane Lundy
Laura MacDonald
F. Scott MacLeod
Dawn MacNutt "As a weaver and sculptor, Dawn MacNutt searches for perfect balance between materials and scale. Over the past [35] years her use of materials, whether hadspun wool, musk ox down or delicate gold or silver wire, heavy-gauge copper wire, or willow braches, has been manifested in relief fibre structures of enormous scale, miniature dancing figures, and life-size sculptures and busts. All of these illustrate her outstanding technical abilities and at the same time evoke powerful emotional responses."
Cluny Maher
Shelley Mansel
Joyce E. Martin
Barbara McLean
Mindy Moore
Bradford Naugler
Gary Ness
John Neville
Leonard Paul
Nistal Prem de Boer
Sanna Rahola
Mary Reardon
Rachel Reeve
Steven Rhude
Julie Rosvall
Kath Kornelson Rutherford
Robert Rutherford
Emily Seaboyer
Lynda Shalagan
Monique Silver
Al Simm
Margaret Sloan
Alan Syliboy
Paul Syme
Anna W. Syperek
Melissa Townsend
George Walford